Yuko had agreed to provide short-term babysitting services for Anakin, until Doreen could arrive, with her "new car", and with Taryn!

Taryn is now exploring the photograhic arts, while making good use of Jim's camera! So now Anakin has an Aunty Nikon, too! (Ok, it's cousin)

Anakin does like his new tube slide now, apparently his fears from a few weeks ago are forgotten!

Yuko is supervising! Good catch.

Between Yuko and Doreen. "Is that camera always in his face?"

"Scuse me, I need this."

Another bump on the tube slide... Oh well, the erythrocytes add colour!

And a popsicle always makes everything better!

Yuko is admiring Doreen's handiwork.

The nice park-like setting for Anakin to explore!

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