Yuko decided to take her official "vacation time" from working at home, and so we tried to make it a sort of holiday time. First up: Brunch at Whistler!

This is a new place we haven't tried before, and it's further down the village, and on the backside of the hotels. Great view! ...between the buildings!

We brought the bikes, but left them in the car while we ate. So now, it's back to the car to get the bikes...

We tried to do the usual cycling route, and only got lost a few times... You can rent canoes etc, and paddle along the "River of Golden Mosquitos"!

Here is a trio of intrepid explorers, with their gigantic orange double-ended mosquito swatters, which also work as paddles!

The cycle-walk trail wanders through some expensive real estate. Well, actually, all of Whistler is expensive real estate, isn't it...

This is the main beach on Alta Lake, and it was busy!

The volleyballers were just warming up...

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