Paddle Day.

The long weekend, and the water is busy!

...always looking for that perfect kayak pose...

Ok, this is a bit better...

The endless sky...

...ok, the really endless sky!

Some of the others out with us. Cyclists!

Science World approaches.

The two at the front are in "OC-1's", Outrigger Canoe, single seat. These are faster than kayaks by about 10%.

Science World, and we're 3.5 km from our starting point.

Going past the floating homes. You know, every one of them has a flooded basement. Every single one.

A closer look at the water bikes. They could move pretty quick, too! The bikes had a small propellor that could be raised and lowered.

Relaxing afterwards beside the newly renovated kid's park behind the coffee shop. Nice place to enjoy a munchie and a latte!

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