Family Reunion!

Rob and Alaina have built up a nice garden! That's their home in the background.

This is the view from their home... Rough life!

Donnie drove down the day before, and Yuko and I brought Peter with us (he's under the big tennis ball...).

Anakin had plenty of space to roam, and apparently turquoise is a popular colour!

The spray behind him is intended to help cool the air, and to keep the garden from drying out.

...still a bit camera and uncle Don shy...

The beanbag tossing game was being set up, and Anakin was pointing things out with his doggy-poop shovel...

Checking out the beanbag game...

Meanwhile Rob and Donnie were discussing the rules for today's game.

The three brothers.

Meanwhile, Auntie Yuko was keeping Anakin out of the beanbag trajectory! Hmm... Not as camera shy now! page.