A Wedding!

The wedding was being held in the Vancouver Club's building, downtown. A beautifully remodeled older building.

...speaking of beautifully... Here's the bride and groom just finishing up with some professionally posed photography! Say "hello" to Midori and Winston!

The guest list included Midori's good friends from the Olympic 2010 Japanese Team Volunteer group!

This side of the room will serve as the stage for the official ceremony...

And the other side of the room held the banquet facilities.

...almost ready to start... We just need a bride. Has anyone seen the bride recently?

After the ceremony (no cameras) everyone had a great opportunity to meet the many friends of Midori and Winston.

Midori's mother was being quite demure in her red hair and green jacket! Fortunately, her neighbour was able to provide translation services!

Good friends! Hey, one of them knows which camera is more important!

I think Midori was describing how she finally captured Winston!

A requested photo! All dressed up!

...and now it's our turn! A rare picture on my camera that has me in it! (...maybe I shouldn't have combined the ibuprofin with champagne...)

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