Well, let's start on the West Coast... "I remember when we were kids, the water was this deep here!"

Where else, but the old Wickinninsh building.

Looking the other way, and the logs are all pushed up to the bushes.

Ok, and some of the the logs are IN the bushes! Those winter storms can get "enthusiastic"!

Florencia Bay from the north end. We wanted to see how easy/hard it was to cross the creek that's down the beach...

"And when we were kids, not only did we have to be in deep water all the time, if we came out, then the bears would be after us!"

And here's the road block. (Beach block?) Lots of rain = enthusiastic waters!

Ok, the old log jam still has some logs that can be used for crossing!

However... At the other side with the camera, it turns out you need to jump down about 5 ft. That's not too bad, but then return trip would require a jump up!

We thought better of continuing, and besides, we were running out of time. No, seriously, we weren't chicken or nothin'! It was getting late!

The top of the shoreline cliffs, and the still, dull sky. page.