Back to Vancouver

After dropping off the rental car, I was able to check in quite quickly. This is the "Saga" lounge, for the passengers at the front of the plane.
The lounge included a mini-buffet, and was well-stocked with juices, soft drinks, alcohol, and coffee machines.

The place was jammed full! I changed where I was sitting, as the family at the next table had been drinking a bit too much, and getting a bit loud.

Finally seated in the aircraft. I chose the same seat both ways. Maybe the view would be different on the other side!

This was fun. That's my suitcase on the conveyor, the blue one. The luggage belonging to those in the front of the plane is unloaded first.
When I got to Vancouver, mine was one of the first ones to show up on the carosel. Then another identical one showed up right after it! And then another!
Among the ~15 people at the front of the plane, 3 of us had the same suitcase! So. This one in the picture may not be mine afterall...

And goodbye to Iceland!

We were on our way to Greenland. That map is quite correct, it shows Iceland connected to Greenland below the water.

Well, it wouldn't be Greenland without massive icebergs, now would it! The plane is 11 km up, and that berg still looked huge!

This one is smaller, and looks a lot more melted...

The outer lands of Greenland. Do you see any beaches? I don't. It's all cliffs!

Getting closer to the mainland, but still no beaches, just cliffs!

And here comes the glaciers!

On the flight to Iceland, this was all under clouds.

Ok, now it's dinner time! The food was good, as usual!. page.