Whale Watching

Today's adventures: Out on the water near Reykjavik, and then a quick drive up the hiway. We stopped at the red-white circles.

The place we were staying was quite comfortable, and apparently the largest unit in the building. We had a shared balcony outside.

The city was overhauling the ancient infrastructure directly in front. This annoyed some of the guests, but since we were away during the daytime we were ok.

Icelandic humour!

The map of the harbour. We were staying a few blocks off to the left.

This is the Danish navy, it looks like they are in training by the helicopter. Iceland does not have much in the way of a military, and is under NATO care.

So here is a whale watching boat, with suspension seats! This is the smaller, faster, more open type. Everyone gets a survival suit. ...just in case...

And so did we! The equipment all seemed quite new, and that meant it was still clean. (on the inside. hint)

This was the skipper, subtly disguised as an Icelander. Actually, he is one...

Our tour guide took a group picture, and then went back to her whale spotting duties.

She was not an Icelander. She was from Sweden, and comes out to work during the summers.

This is the slower form of whale watching tour. It's more comfortable, but cannot move around very quickly, and so they tend to be less sucessful.

And here's a cruise ship, which I suspect is looking to avoid whales right now!

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