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Today's locations! We started in Laugarvatn (the red dot with white center that is furthest to the right).
We travelled south to a flooded crater near Selfoss (the next closest red/white marker), and then to a cave near Olfus (also marked), and then through Grindavik (the mark on the left).
The rv was returned near the airport at Keflavik, then we picked up a rental car, and returned to Reykjavik.
There are also three pink marks on the map, each indicating various volcanos and glaciers that I was able to see along the way.

As were leaving our campsite, the volcano Hekla was in full view! No clouds this time! This is the side view.

We stopped at this flooded crater, and just parked where we felt like...

This lake is on private land, so there was an entry fee to walk around and have a look!

This is the bridge into the town of Selfoss. If the bridge looks inexpensive and temporary, it probably is! Bridges tend to have a short life in this country!

...this wasn't on the tour books! I guess there are a few trouble-makers still living here... Or is it for tourists who don't clean their rental vehicles?

We found the cave, as listed in the brochures... Hmm. Apparently it was closed in November 2018.

It isn't the best picture... But that's Hekla on the left. The area with recent eruptions is marked with the white bar, which is between the 2 big glaciers.

These roads don't leave much room for joggers...

These roads don't leave much room for joggers or casual cyclists...

These roads don't leave much room for racing bikes, either...

Now this guy is loaded down... We did see cyclists at various points around the island, but these were in the sunniest weather! page.