Florencia Bay

No trip to Long Beach & Tofino would be complete without a visit to Florencia...

It was busy on the beach, as usual!

The little tree is doing well, there's lots of pale green new growth!

And the tokens are still in place. I fully expect some critter to decide to take the shiny objects...

Did you know that there is excellent data coverage on Florencia? We can play games here too!

On the way back, I was able to finally get a picture of one of these quick little sand birds!

Doreen, enjoying the serenity that is Florencia.

Palmer wanted the front seat on the way back to the cabin. Maybe it's more comfortable for sleeping?

I wanted a picture of her wavy hair, caused by Alaina's and Jennifer's braiding. Taryn wanted a picture of her making faces, so we compromised, and did it her way...

The last full beach gang moment. Peter, Jennifer, Finnegan, and Ocean were going back to Port Alberni today, and taking Krista with them.

The rest of us would be returning the next day. Meanwhile, the wetsuit rentals were ending soon, so let's make good use of the time remaining!

I beleive this was another unsuccessful attempt to knock over the camera guy! I can move pretty quick. ...for an old guy!

Doreen was providing daycare service for Anakin, which involved a long walk down the beach!

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