Wickininnish Waves.

Anakin was sent to check for waves, and he does seem excited by the possibilities!

The group made their base camp, as usual...

And even enjoyed a relaxing lunch, and watching the eagles!

Not long after, the life-guard arrived, and carefully kept an eye on the proceedings... (equipment tended to collect at the feet of stationary adults)

And here we have the gang of five! The morning fog hadn't burned off completely yet.

Pretty soon, John was in the mix, too.

Jack: "Bye, dad".

Finn's idea of fantastic boarding opportunities was to get out deeper!

John's ideas of fantastic Finn opportunities was to limit the depth!

Palmer, of course, can ride anything!

"Catch me if you can!"

And now Ocean gets into the water!

With plenty of advisors, and lots of time!

"These waves are too small, I'll wait until they're bigger."

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