On the road!

Still in Reykjavik, and checking to see how dark it would get at night. This is July 12, 10:51 pm.

An hour later, 11:57 pm, almost midnight. This is as dark as it would get, and it would be this way for less than an hour.

A local business, trying to create it's own brand. I don't recall seeing it anywhere else.

The famous cathederal. While I waited for a break in the tourists blocking the view, John took a look inside. Apperently it looks the same inside.

We then went to pick up the RV, which was near the airport. We then dropped off the car at the airport, and the adventure began! ...and so did the rain!

The smaller inset map shows the basic RV tour route. We left Reykjavik, and went clockwise around the island. We stopped overnight by those brown squares.
On the more detailed map you can see Keflavik, which is the airport location. We drove back through Reykjavik,and then north on #1.
There is the tunnel under the Hvalfjordur. We then took #54 out to the Snafellsnes penninsula, and #56 to Grundarfjordur, where we overnighted.

We were now nearing Grundar, and finally the rain stopped!

This type is simple bridge structure was popular here. Flash floods constantly wiped them out!

In the town of Grundar, and apparently this mountain is famous, as it starred in the tv show "game of thrones".

We did find a nice place to eat, and like much in Iceland, the business does more than one thing!

This, they did quite well!

We set up camp, and there is 220V service available, as it was at every official campground.
The RV came supplied with a tablet, and mandated instructions that wind speeds be checked in certain locations. The tablet also provided wifi service everywhere.

John, reviewing tomorrow's tourism options, while I was sorting pictures on the computer. This pretty quickly became the normal daily routine.

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