Chesterman Beach

The newest addition to the family group: Anakin!

...who takes a strong liking to Ken!

Then later in the day, we made our way out to Long Beach (Tofino, for you the youngsters...), and checked out one of the two "cabins".

The chefs seemed to approve. Lots of room for lots of food and lots of cooks, and bottle washers and coffee makers!

And all that room was required, too! Yummy! Soda pop and chips for dinner!

This is "bright and early" the next morning. Ok, it was noon, and I walked the 1.5 km to the beach.

Later, the intrepid explorers arrived. Marion was the first to scout the waters, newly attired in her own wetsuit.

The fog burnt of shortly after...

The beach crew got themselves into position...

The boogie boarders faced their challenges...

Let the games begin! I think this was jousting!

Ok, we have a late entry here folks, and it's a local boy! Young Anakin is testing the waters! page.