The Blue Lagoon & Reykjavik

After an overnight flight, this sounded like a good way to wake up! We had to book our time months ahead, as they limit the number of guests.

This is near the entrance, and shows the abundance of the water. It's actually waste water from the nearby geothermal power plant, and now it's Iceland's #1 attraction!

The facility is new, and was quite well set up. It is conveniently close to the airport, and part of the reason to rent a car. Busses and taxis are very expensive.

The entry had seperate lines for each level of pre-paid customer experience. We had the "comfort" package. The "premium retreat spa" gained access to more sections.

On our way to the change rooms, we could see the entry point of the pools. Upstairs was a heated "relaxation" room. The coffee shop was downstairs.

A map of the facility. Access to the sections off to the left required the "premium" package.

The pool configurations were conducive to exploring, and there were many cell phones and cameras in use.

This is the rock at water's edge. There is so much dissolved silicates in the water that it coats everthing, including the bottom, which was quite smooth.

The main water entry point. You could walk further out on the left, but the main steps into the water are just behind the woman in the black and pink.

The steam from the water made visibility and picture taking a bit of a game. Sometimes we couldn't see the other side.

They had build a stone "igloo" that you could walk through. The entire pool was the same depth throughout, so walking in the water was easy.

It wasn't crowded. This is the large pool furthest from the entry point. page.