July 1

Canada has its 152nd birthday today. So we walked downtown towards Canada Place (...of course...)

We met up with Yoko, and decided a small lunch was in order before entering the crowds.

This bird got tired of waiting for leftovers, and just stomped away...

We could see all the people up ahead, but still needed to go through the crowd control gates.

Once inside, there was lots of room! Well, not actually.

There were multiple cruise ships in dock, which meant even more tourists, as some were actually passengers waiting to embark.

Can you spot Yuko? Or Yoko?

...that was a trick question, as neither were in thet shot! ...sorry. We continued the the end of the dock, where a band was performing.

With the cruise ships on both sides acting like canyon walls, the noise from the band was concentrated!

I took the picture because I found this art project interesting, but now all I notice is that girl's shorts...

There weren't as many caped Canadians this year...

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