...a cat is rescued...

Well, it's not exactly a good picture, but when I don't have my camera with me, my phone's camera will have to do. Note the sinking rowboat...

This sailboat's been near English Bay so long that it's now a landmark!

With all these sinky boats around, it's a good thing we have: The World Maritime Rescue Congress!

And look who's here! We have the Port Authority, the Canadian Navy, the Coast Guard, the Search and Rescue, and an unlabeled Canadian Government boat.

The military vessel is a bit of a surprise... Way over to the left and out of view was the military search and rescue helicopter, and the coast guard's hovercraft.

Oops, and don't forget the fire boat! I'm pretty sure I saw a Vancouver Police boat in there somewhere too...

Ok, here's a change of pace: the bottom of Yuko's cycling shoes. The pedal clips were worn out, and I needed to replace them.

A few days later, it was a bit too windy for me to enjoy a kayak paddle (>40 kph), so I went to see if there were any more boats being washed ashore...

Nothing happening so far, but they were bobbing about quite a lot.

I took a shortcut through Kits Point neighbourhood, and there are some pretty impressive gardens here.

With the wind, I had to wait between gusts, and get the pictures hopefully when they stopped moving.

I like the deep red of these roses.

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