Vancouver Whistler

It was an overcast day, and a bit cool, but fitness requirements must be met!

Yuko is getting faster, and is now quite comfortable in her kayak.

One more boat for the "boats that wish they had different owners" collection...

The wind changed direction, and began to pick up, so we changed plans, and went south towards Kits Beach.

"Smile for the camera, pretend you had fun!"

The only way to keep a kayak looking nice!

Back on land, and it's the balcony Lewisia putting on a good show.

If the colours look over-saturated, they aren't. These flowers have a very strong and bright colour, which only lasts a few days.

You can see the faded older bloom in the background.

The heather is happy, and has taken over the shared pot that it is in. type of gardening: if the plant survives my care, it's the right kind of plant! page.