Leaving Kyoto

So it was back up the west side escalator, and yes, finally, there were lunch options here!

...and some rather pricy hiking shoes...

We chose the cafe setting location, and had a large menu to choose from. The dis-interested staff provided slow service.

We had some more time still, so aside from some shopping in the grocery store on the lower floor, we checked out the walkway on the highest floor!

The viewpoint. Kyoto tower, and the surrounding mountains. Kyoto is at the head of a valley which opens only to the south, to Osaka.

Ok, so now they clean the glass! ...After I took the pictures!

On the outside roof-top area, we found this bamboo planter box, which required a "Takemoto in the Take" picture. (you did know, "Take" means "bamboo", right?)

This is the view south, Osaka is way down there somewhere...

However, it was approaching depart time, so back down the escalators... (outdoor escalators?!)

This guy is searching for that last bit of dust...

The options and the boarding platforms. Ours was the one just right of the clock. It would have been fun to try the Shinkansen, the furthest to the left. Bullet train!

We were apparently going to be travelling on the "Hello Kitty" train. And Marion's bus card had the same theme...

Ok, once more, with all the happy travellers! ...John, that bag looks ...heavy.

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