A few more temples and shrines

We are along the eastern edge of Kyoto now, and there are a number of shrines and temples in the area. This is one big torii!

In the distance you can see the main temple area entrance. This big torii marks the beginning of a large procession area. And tour bus parking!
And yes, I did stand in the middle of the street, and annoy the drivers...

This is the main entrance building, and the wide open spaces continue.

Once through the main entrance building, this is the inner courtyard area. Also, very large!

The map of the grounds. There apparently is a seperate gardens section across the back.

The hand railings..

Once in the gardens, we decided to take the first available street car... Ok, not quite! Apparently this was the first streetcar in Kyoto.

Why an old streetcar would be in the gardens is a mystery, but the gardens were quite well tended.

The area was so large, it never seemed busy or crowded.

Ok, I think it looks better in the vertical orientation!

The old pine tree needs crutches...

This stepping stone walk-way was now closed to tourists. Too many accidental swimming sessions, I suppose...

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