Return to Kyoto

Our last ryokan breakfast: and Yuko is pouring!

Only one of our group could fit their legs AND feet under the little tables!

Some of the woodwork. This is the flooring under the seating area by the window in our room.

This is the mid-floor landing on the stairs to the second floor. That is one large slab of wood, and it's placed to be a highlight.

The large upstairs entertainment room. We stayed 3 nights, and were the only guests for two of those nights.

The second floor view. I got the impression that they only rent to certain regular clientel, who may do large business meetings.

The decorations high on the wall of the third floor room.

The other side of the room. Apparently this room is actively sought out for special occasions.

The ceiling on the main floor.

Waiting for the bus!

The bus. This is the owner/manager of the ryokan. 5th generation (I think), and the heavy wood, and the large metal sculpture collector.
We thought at first that the ryokan was struggling to survive. Nope. That new bus he's driving has their ryokan name on the side. And there was a second identical bus in their parking lot. page.