Japanese sword maker.

One of the better demonstrations at the theme park was this sword maker and his assistants. We also caught up with the four women from the dress-up shop!

The process involved is laid out on this info board, and I'm not going to go into its details... The demonstration would involve the methods in the upper right corner.

Unlike the fake pearl diving demonstration, this was the real thing, including the traditional hierarchy.

This is the sword maker, and he is putting some finishing touches on a prior piece.

And here is the crew. Seated, and manning the bellows, is the swordmaker. At this point in time, he is building up a new pile of coals.
Standing, and holding a partly completed blade, is an apprentice. He is explaining what has been done to this metal so far. He is at level 3 out of 6.
Standing, and looking quite clean, is another apprentice, who is at level 1 out of 6. Two apprentices, and 2 large 7 kg hammers in the foreground...

The blade was then passed around, and it really captured the attention of this young ninja!

These 2 ninja were equally interested.

This 3rd level kendo expert was very interested! Hmmm.... a metal sword instead of a bamboo sword...

The process takes patience, and the junior apprentice is required to load more charcoal into the fire pit. Very few words are spoken.
Each apprentice knows what is expected, and when it will occur in the process. They will learn sword making by observing the expert, and doing a lot of the heavy work.

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