All dressed up!

Ok, this is in the theme park, shortly after we arrived there. We stayed much longer than we originally intended. "Dress up, take pictures, $10!"

A group of four women were getting all dressed up in different outfits. Note the complexity of the red ninja costume.

There were far less expensive costume options available. This happy family (yes I asked first) are all dressed as red ninja as well.

Yuko and Marion took one look at each other, and said "We're doing this!" The costumes, accesories, backdrop, and lighting were all quite good.

There were two women working to dress the customers. One was still busy with the 4th woman in the other group.

Yuko was enjoying this! Marion picked out the kimono that she wanted to be in. They had a large album showing all the available outfits.

As the other group waited for their 4th member, Marion was discovering just how tight the outfit was... A corset is a corset is a corset!

She had her choice of obi (the wide belt), and Yuko translated. Marion wisely asked for whichever one the staff lady advised.

I wasn't sure if we were stealing their thunder, so I complimented her on being so pretty, and asked if I could take her picture. That brought out the shy smile.

Marion, learning to breath in new ways!

And now it's Yuko's turn as well! ...nice socks there, Marion!

Yuko also went for a kimono, but she chose a simpler design. Marion is being trained on how to not breathe!

There was a range of hair ornaments available, and Yuko interupted her own dressing session to take this picture. (you can see her in the mirror) page.