The local theme park.

But first: Breakfast! ...and this time, it's Yuko that's not up to dress code!

Gone native...

This woman was a busy staff member here, always doing something. Yuko apologized for asking, but then asked her age.

"85" She's been working here for 20 years...

On the way out, I noticed this grandfather clock in the entrance. There seemed to be clocks like this in some of the other places nearby.

Waiting for the bus to the theme park. An Australian grandmother taking her grandson for a tour of Japan. She talked non-stop. He was pretty quiet...

The theme park! Built in better times, a lot of the features were a bit "tired". It covered 3 zones. The massive escalator between the zones no longer works, so take the shuttle bus.

The main entrance. We planned to stay a few hours, then continue by bus to Ise to check out a few more things there.

This castle was on the uppermost level of the park. The park seems to have reworked itself to operate with smaller crowds.

The theme here is "ninja", and the staff were dressed accordingly. This zipline started from one of the upper levels. page.