It was time to catch the train to Toba. No, the picture isn't tilted, it's the train making a banked turn!

Aquaculture. It's everywhere here.

We (Yuko) asked at the train station tourist info desk about where there might be a place to have lunch and good a view of the area.
"Take this hotel shuttle bus", which came by every 20 minutes. Yes, we were the only passengers...

The driver brought us to a nice hotel on the hillside, and the doormen welcomed us. Here was the dining room, near the entrance, with view!

Our table. The food was exceptionally good, as was the view, and the service!

After lunch, we wandered the nearby balcony. The view north.

And north-west.

And east. We would be exploring in that direction.

We took the shuttle bus back to the station, then walked along the waterfront. Not everything here looks sparkling clean!

So why Toba? Well, this is the home of this guy. This is the person who came up with the technique for producing cultured pearls.

Apparently, this is a good business to be in: the company owns its own island... You pay to cross the walkway bridge.

On the other side is a manicured garden, and a museum, etc.

They had a pretty good cherry tree bloom going, too!

I like these ancient looking palm trees! ...where's the dinosaurs? page.