The Seaside Ryokan

This is a 130 year old building. It shouldn't look shiny and new...

Inside the main entry. There was some carpentry work going on, and things were being renovated a bit at a time. Here we met the hard-working staff lady: she's 85!

We had separate rooms on the ground floor in this ryokan, and there was plenty of space. This only shows half of the room. Out the window is the ocean

The ryokan has been family run since it was built, and the current manager (5th generation?) has made the entry parlor his office. Nice desk!

The access to the ocean is simple, just walk around the building.

There was a lot of waterfront work going on. Erosion control, and flood prevention.

And we met this young couple! Like most grooms, he's not that keen on pictures.

Like most brides, they are keen on pictures! She is wearing a thick top layer over her kimono. (That will make more sense later)

The couple's wedding photographer recommended we visit the old guest house nearby. Apparently it was built to house VIP visitors to the big shrines we had been at.

Boy's festival was coming soon, and the guest house (now a museum) had a few on display.

I will assume these were donated to the museum.

The view from the second floor. The old guest house is along the same beach road that the ryokan is, but a few more properties down the road. page.