From Ryokan to Great Shrine

Next morning, at the incredible ryokan, I wandered with the camera before the others were ready.

These were part of the main entrance decorations.

Hidden up in a corner office near the entrance: photos of Imperial family members at the ryokan.

The pictures are from about 30 years ago, and since that time the covered driveway was extended across the driveway.

The back yard.

Another view of the back yard.

Perfect for sipping tea, relaxing, and admiring the gardens.

An enclosed garden. Across the garden is the room where we had dinner last night.

This large dining room looks all set up for an upcoming festivity.

Breakfast. This time we are in a private room in the restaurant area.

Marion has really gone "native" !

A very delicious Japanese breakfast! After breakfast we packed up and left the luggage for the kindly offered pickup service!
And the biggest surprise of them all: We were the only guests that night. And we got all that staff attention! page.