A Vancouver Interlude

It's the Vancouver Marathon, and Yoko is participating in the team relay class.

"Smile for the paparazzi!"

"Whadaya mean I can't go out my driveway..."

Well, maybe because the road is occupied? Challenge: find Yoko in the crowd...

This woman was cheering on the runners as they went by.

Her relay partner has been spotted! (there were 4 in their team, Yoko is running 4th.)

A quick hug in front of the grumpy gus...

And the team flag is transferred. ...with a little help!

And then, she's away!

Off to do her part! 15k, I think.

Crossing the bridge. Can you spot Yoko?

Of course you couldn't, she was already at Stanley Park. These fans could barely contain their enthusiasm! It was May 5, so there were Cinco de Mayo celebrants.

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