We still had some time to wait before we could check-in, so we split up and went exploring. I found this coffee place...

...full of women. Mostly new moms, out for their daily stroll!

This shop got my attention, too!

Still operating the old way, they sold little things, along with knives and other sharp tools!

The main knife display. These blades all have a high-carbon steel center for the actual blade edge, and then stainless steel for the rest of the blade.
Yuko has two knives of this type already, both Japanese. One is a heavy larger knife, the other is a paring knife. So we added an in between sized one: the fifth from the left.
These blades stay sharp for a long time, and can't be sharpened with a steel. They need proper whet stones, and I just happened to have one already!
I also bought one of the pocket knives on the upper shelf. Marion and John picked up a kitchen knife as well, and some pocket knives as gifts.

The knives were stored in this cabinet.

Scattered about the place were little metal ornaments. These were samurai sword decorations that had been made in the older history of the shop.

And now for something completely different: a Harley Davidson motorcycle shop in a small town!

I have no idea...

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