Going to Ise

We managed to flag down a cab, and not leave without Marion! She got stuck at a crosswalk light. Fortunately it took time to load our luggage.

Waiting at Kyoto Station. The inset map is marked: T= Tokyo, K= Kyoto, O= Osaka, and I= Ise. Ise is pronounce "ee-say", not "ice".

While waiting for the train, we nabbed some breakfast at a cafe beside the platform. Yuko is holding "Melon Bread". Can you guess why the name!

We had reserved seating, on this special once-a-day train, which featured nicer seats.

Yuko had lots of room!

Along the way: You can see a river in the distant right, and this entire area is a floodplain. You can see the dykes on either side.
To make efficient use of the available space, this baseball field is built on the floodplain!

This is another common sight: No one lives on the hills.

Here is another odd situation: this power company has built a solar panel farm, on top of good farmland. It should have been built on the hillsides!

Anyway, our train began its journey in Kyoto, but it was going further than our stop. We had to hustle to make our exit, as we had about 60 seconds to disembark.

And here is the ryokan, however it is too early for check-in, but they were ok with keeping our luggage until then.

The manager was there to greet us, and I'm sure to size up his clientel...

By then it was lunch time, and Marion had learned the universal food language: point at pictures!

We don't get these in Canada, they're another strange Japanese delicacy. Marion was curious as to what made it so white, and whether it really was edible.

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