...It rained today...

Oh no! A traffic jam! Way in the distance, a garbage truck was loading up. The driver had pulled far enough to the side to allow cars to squeeze past, but the delivery truck couldn't!

We took the subway to Nishiki Market, the most famous of Kyoto's covered markets. I mean, what other tourist would even think of such a brilliant rainy day destination?

Ok, change of plans. Now we look for enough space to even stand!

The foreign tourists were taking pictures of everything, and not buying anything.
They were in the way of the locals who were out shopping. Tourists with cameras should be banned. ...uhhh, on second thought...

Many of the vegetable shops had signs requesting "no photographs", but I wasn't expecting that, so wasn't looking for it. So, take a sneaky, illegal look, at these pickled veggies...

The most unfriendly shop in Japan. Actually, it was pretty bad, even by Canadian standards. The entry ways were blocked, and the lone staff member was quite surly.

Roasted chestnuts, and they were quite tasty. No problems with cameras here!

Even in the crowded shopping street, a small shrine had been built.

We finally escaped the crowded section, and then: Lunch time! Note the multilingual "welcome" sign.

What to order, what to order... Thinks Yuko: "Oh good, no okonomiyaki here, I'm ready for something else!"

A new favourite: and it comes in 500ml bottles! ...maybe we should take a few home to Canada with us? I mean, how heavy could they be?

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