Return from: Arashiyama.

The rhododendrons refused to be silenced, and made themselves heard, too!

Did you ever notice that half way around the world, in some isolated location, you'll meet other tourists from your home country?
...and then we found out that we were even staying in the same small hotel! Isn't it amazing how these things can sometimes happen!

We took our last looks at the temple pool, before climbing towards the bamboo...

However, the view did not surrender easily!

The temple buildings, now in the background.

The trees are getting larger...

Ah, here is the kimono party again! ...I musn't dissapoint them...

Hey, it's the bamboo!

"Well, would you look at that! All that bamboo (and it's behind us...)"

Looking straight up.

All the greenery being near the top, means the trunks look really spindly.

The wind whistled slightly through the branches, and made the trunks would clonk against each other. A bamboo grove has a sound like no other.
There is also a rare example of vandalism in this picture. page.