A Vancouver Island Interlude

Let's see... A sports car, a long winding road, 6am, no traffic. Hmmm.......

There was a strong wind blowing today. The BC Ferries had to cancel several Tsawassen terminal sailings.

Of course, you know where this is!

After the crowds of Japan, the availability of such solitude is almost shocking.

The wind was kicking up the waves.

Can't come this far and not visit the pebble beach. Let's see: A bird, a marine mammal, and a land mammal. Which will block my path first?

...I think the thunderbird was on coffee break, so I got the understudy...

The continued search for a classic Long Beach image.

So, I have to keep trying...

The waves were getting enthusiastic. The wind was going right through my thin jacket... The cold wind.

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