Fushimi Inari: the orange arches.

Our hotel room: A washer, fridge, microwave, and stove. The bathroom is on the right side, and it's in the picture after this one...

The bathroom: looks like an RV bathroom! The shower area has a small tub, and yes, that's a TV on the wall by the tub.
The control panel on the wall includes a "dryer" setting that can be used to turn the shower area into a clothes dryer. Sophisticated, and it works!

Time for a morning coffee, but the "usual" was not open yet, so we tried this place.

...busy. Unfortunately, smoking is permitted in most coffee shops, and this guy was enjoying the option. Bleagh.

Ok, here's a funny sign, AND a 1992 Illinois license plate!

Hey! A Belgian Beer pub!

While waiting for the others, I walked the 2 blocks up to the Nijo castle, and tried to get some morning sunlight pictures.

At this time, the crowds had yet to appear.

You could actually see inside the main gate!

Sigh. The place is just so photogenic...

Ok, Ok. We left central Kyoto, and travelled a few km south to this place: Fushimi Inari.

Say hello to an Inari: otherwise known as a fox! (Fushimi is the name of this area)

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