Strawberries, etc.

As we awalked back to the hotel to meetup with Marion and John, I saw this municipal signage duplicated in a potted flower arrangement!

Now don't those look tasty! 780 yen = $9.28 For (count them...) about 14 strawberries...

Oh, and here's the Japanese mandarin oranges, and don't they look perfect! ...and cheap, too! According to the sign, they have an 11 - 13 sweetness rating.

Three guesses as to what she's buying! Yup, both. (Doesn't everything look so fresh! Much nicer than our pre-picked California produce)

Here I am on the subway! Lots of room! Ha! Ok, this requires a short explanation...
We dropped off the fruit at the hotel, and when putting my shoes back on, I put my camera on a hallway window ledge, and walked off without it.
On our way east on the subway, I suddenly realized my mistake. So I took the other subway track back to the hotel, hoping that no one took the camera...
Fortunately, someone had brought it to the front desk, and that adventure ended on a positive note!

We all met at one of those quintessential Japanese locations: Starbucks. As we continued, I saw this really narrow 3 storey building.

I had wondered whether we would see our 3 different Japanese cars, while in Japan. Yup, here's Yuko's Mazda CX-5.

A tool shop! Hobbies like woodworking are not common in Japan, so the only market for tools is the professional trades. It was easy to get distracted...

And the fabric stores! Just look at all those colours!

So Marion did! She managed to select a few items to take with her...

Then we turned the corner, went up the hill, and entered the large temple grounds, where a cherry blossom festival was in full swing!

Even Yuko tried the beer!

The bbq was excellent, and a bit pricy, but then we did choose some expensive beef! page.