The Kyoto Cherry Blossoms.

"Oh look, they have Ferraris here just like back home!" Ok, Don probably did say that...

I didn't know ABBA were performing here...

Another of the brave new architecture choices!

Apparently breakfast was already worn off, and now it was lunch time! Looks delicious!

And we made it! The old Imperial Palace grounds! We came in the south entrance, and the best trees are at the north end.
These grounds occupy about 1 square km, and were the Emperor's home for over 1,000 years. Tokyo has been the Imperial home for only about 150 years.

As we made our way north through the grounds, there was much to see.

Even the pine trees were neatly manicured!

Yes, these are cherry blossoms, but they are in a small shrine area. Not for sitting under.

These too...

Ok, we're getting closer, and the trees are getting bigger...

Now here's a photogenic tree!

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