The great cherry blossom search moves to Japan!

I know what we can do! Let's go to Kyoto, Japan, and check out all the cherry blossom festivities!

We can follow that blue line across the Pacific, the one that just touches the tip of the Aleutian Islands! (You know, the bit that sticks out from Alaska...)

Ok, so here we are, cruising at 30,000 ft altitude, and... Hey! There's another plane below us, and those are the Aleutian Islands! (the darker blue in the distance)

...they're moving faster than us. I noticed the plane when I shifted in my non-window seat to stretch my legs.
The flight attendant was fascinated, too. She hadn't seen this before. (the windows have an internal darkening function, which makes then slightly murky)

We made it! Marion and John also survived the flight, and we were all happy to be here!

Here we are in... Tokyo? I thought we were going to Kyoto?

Ah! Kyoto has no airport. We will need to transfer to a flight to Osaka, the closest airport to Kyoto.

So we walked over to the domestic departures area, and there was our flight, at 20:30, NH97, gate C (the green square, upper right).

It was close to midnight by the time we had collected our luggage, and then checked into the Osaka Airport Hotel for the night.
We were still a 2 hr train ride, from Kyoto. Our accomodation is a small place that doesn't maintain a 24 hr front desk, so we had booked rooms here.

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