The great cherry blossom search begins.

...with a bicycle ride to Steveston, in Richmond. Hmmm... An airplane. I wonder if there might be better places to go to continue this search...

An interesting globe map! I wonder where those blue lines are going, out across the Pacific...

Cherry blossoms! 24 km from home, and we have success!

And there was more than one cherry tree, too!

I think that skiing injury has cleared up!

Ok, it looks like someone's feeling really good right now!

But first, we need to take an energy break, all that cycling is hard work. And we need to be in shape if we plan on any extended cherry blossom searches...

We saw this imaginative hedge trimming work while cycling home. Hmmm... Dragons. Cherry blossoms. Blue lines across the Pacific. Airplanes... Hey, that gives me an idea!

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