Fun on the snow!

Our usual residence...

There was plenty of snow in the village.

And it was still cold enough to have icicles hanging over Whistler!

We had planned to test some replacement skis. Soon, we would soar with the eagles!

Blackcomb Mountain replaced the Wizard and Solar Coaster chairs with a new gondola. Skiing just got easier! ...and warmer!
The gondola moved about the same speed as the former chairlift, and the gondolas were spaced about as far apart as the chairs were.
The difference? Each chair carried 4, while each gondola carries 8 comfortably. They can move a lot of people in an hour!

So it was up the new Blackcomb gondola, and enjoy the view!

There was plenty of view to go around, we didn't hog it all...

We wanted to get to the top of Whistler next, but chose not to take this option! Hmmm, I just thought of some new options for my truck...

We'll take the Peak to Peak gondola instead. It's probably quieter and quicker... Wandering about with a big camera and lens does get noticed.

Halfway across to Whistler, and the valley looks cold!

Whistler Mountain: looks windy!

Ok, so this is the other side of the Whistler Roundhouse Lodge, where it's not so windy! But there is a bit of snow here... page.