Another year, another fireworks display!

OK, technically, it's still 2018... We walked over the Burrard Bridge to go to the midnight fireworks at Canada Place. (that's the Granville Bridge)

Along the way, we could enjoy a few of the sights at night-time!

A very large tree had been set up in Robson Square, with these smaller ones in front. They look much better at night, too!

And this tree is very decorated!

The Robson skating rink, open weekdays to 11pm, until mid-February. Free to use, rental skates available.

The courthouse steps. There were more of these lights than I remember from last year.

For some reason, this short lighted passageway was quite popular!

We arrived at Canada Place, and joined the crowds! It's around 9:30pm.

So we took a tour around the outside of the Convention Center. Canada Place is all lit up, but there were no tourists on the outer walkways.

The old Olympic torch! ...was not re-lit...

After finding a pizza-truck with a short lineup (Ok, is 20 minutes a short line?), we had some dinner, then off to our viewing spot.

We were on the north side of the convention center, against the railing, and looking up we could see people in the VIP section... page.