Christmas Lego.

So this is what it looked like when Yuko went to sleep, and when she woke up on the 25th.

But while she was getting changed, several more appeared!

Well... This must be investigated!

...immediately... time wasted...

A Lego house, "the Diner", another in the series that she likes to build. ...just count all those Lego logos!

And some delicacies from London, courtesy of John!

And don't forget the necessary accessory!

So. Where to start... Well, she started with the "Assembly Square", a larger set she got LAST year, and had yet to build!

But first, it's turkey prep time.

Twelve pounds, "free range", and should be tasty!

Then it was dinner at Peter & Jennifer's, where, can you believe it, more Lego is underway!

So, you'll never guess what Yuko did when she got back home... page.