A Fall Day.

So, it's a sunny Saturday, and Yuko wants to play on the water. It will be the first time these 2 kayaks get a chance to to be seen together.

Yuko's is the red one, a Delta 15s, 15 ft long, and "s" for smaller paddlers... It's not as deep internally. Mine is the blue one, 16 ft long, for the "average" paddler.

Both kayaks are 22" wide, and have relatively flat bottoms. Narrow makes them faster, but flat bottom makes them slower. So a nice combination of stability and speed.

...the view from the other kayak...

The wind decided to pick up, it was 20 kph from behind us. That made for more rapid progress, especially as the tide was also with us!

Vancouver provides a nice backdrop, there are trees and a shoreline walking/cycle path. Here is Yuko taking a shortcut through a marina.

Using the vertical perspective hides the marina boats, and makes it look more open.

Yuko is racing this OC-1 (Outrigger Canoe, one person), which is making good speed. The OC-1's are the next step faster than the kayaks.

The stadium is getting more hidden with every new building.

The last of the old Expo 86 buildings. It will be gone as soon as the city approves the replacement buildings.

Which it won't so far, because the builders want to dredge some shorefront, but the city wants the dredged materials properly treated, like the contaminated soil that it is.

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