Ana goes to school.

Ana is now 3, and will begin Kindergarden on Saturdays at the Japanese Language School. We went to see the "Entrance Ceremony". What she wants to see, is the camera!

...however, I didn't let her use the camera as much as she wanted to... Can you tell?

They were actually welcoming all the classes of every age group, and the hall was packed. Ana was in the youngest group.

And there were a lot of them! Not everyone was happy to be there, though...

I tried to get a few pictures of her...

Here she is with her mom, Hisae. Ana is loosing her baby face, and looks different than she did a few months ago.

We even got to tour the classrooms. This was to get the parents familiar with the building! Ana found a piece of paper that needed a bit of colour! ...the art critic is watching closely!

Ana also took the opportunity stand still (...almost...) for 1/4th of a second...

...and then she found a book that was much more interesting than me!

Afterwards we went for lunch. Hisae's parents are visiting from Japan, while Ana is visiting her dad's plate!

And after lunch, she found a dog that was just her size!

And then decided to get cute with a nearby sign!

...the standard rules regarding "Cute": you must take more than one picture!

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