Some of John's pictures.

...I had heard rumors to the effect that I had attended this event! Nice to have some proof! Ok. 8-ball, corner pocket!

Fishing trip #1: John with Jack! And we welcomed them all to come on over for dinner!

Fishing trip #2: That is a big halibut that Finn reeled in. Too big, actually. It had to be released. They can only keep the smaller ones...

Finn and John returned with another load for the freezer!

Chesterman Beach, and it looks like it's cooling off!

Fishing trip #3: Rob and Jack had to stop early: they had reached their catch limits for the day!

Jack and the really big salmon!

Chesterman Beach, and the five amigos, plus Yuko...

Top of Whistler: Hey, Vitamin Coffee provides important nutrients!

Don't you just hate that pained expression these artistic types feel that they have to show for the public? Well, actually there was a rock digging into my back...

Oh no, there's only 1 left!

The view from John's flight home. The Cascade Mountains, looking south across Northern Washington, August 17, 9:21 AM.

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