A Vancouver Visit.

We made it to Science World, so we had to take some photographic evidence!

I don't usually get to kayak with my brothers...

With all his exercise on a rowing machine, he was able to do quite well!

He even took a picture or two...

John found the round floats to be amusing! Anyway, our 6 km paddle tour was ending soon.

Then after that 18 km paddle endurance race, we figured we deserved a day off, so drove up to Whistler, which was hosting crank-works that week.

It's a bike thing, and they were everywhere. We went up the gondola on Whistler, and found a convenient lunch spot.

Afterwards, we walked down to the Peak chair, visible in the distance.

There were many other tourists, as well. This is one of my favorite "steep cliff picture" sites!

This is what we were coming to see. Apparently this had been built this summer, and just recently opened.

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