Sproat Lake.

We had one more day to enjoy Sproat Lake, and this time there were a few others along for their first visit. "Dad, I need some help here..." "You'll be fine!"

Practicing emergency exits is considered a wise and safe thing to do!

John, to the rescue! ...oh wait, he's not done posing yet...

Ah, that's better!

John, coming over to awaken the guests!

Taryn, jumping in to say hello! I believe this was the culmination of a front flip...

Alaina, very pregnant, and enjoying the peace and quiet. Did you hear that, Taryn? ...enjoying the PEACE and QUIET! Oh, well, Alaina knew what she was getting into...

Taryn, being re-introduced to the water, this time via airmail, courtesy of her father!

Water, meet Taryn! Taryn, meet water! It's always nice to see them make an impact in their chosen activities!

Taryn, and her mom, plotting further expoilts...

And here's Jack, brushing Lucas aside, and into the water! ...meanwhile, Taryn lines up Jack to give him a similar push!

Uh oh. Taryn did not succeed, and Jack sent her into the water instead!

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