The last day at Chesterman.

Even the beach signage is more laid back in Tofino...

I made the coffee, then went to see what the water was doing, while the others were still getting ready. Nice! Tide's out, and there's not much fog!

The truck drivers were busy, though. Fortunately, they had enough power to avoid getting stuck in the wet sand.

Their wetsuits were put on quickly, so I didn't have to wait long! Everyone was taking their pre-competition practice runs...

And soon enough, the formation flying coach had them all running together as a team!

We have seven competitors, so now the races can begin!

The bigger kids were being challenged by the even bigger "kids"!

We were still slowly figuring out the best board size for each rider, and this one, chosen for its colour, was still too big for her. No problem, there are bigger kids that need it!

Palmer, winning again!

...I think Finn managed to win that race...

Finnegan, displaying his winning technique! Isn't that cheating? Well, probably, but no one is stopping the others from doing it, too!

"No, Finnegan, you have to do it with smooth, casual style, like this!"

"No, Jack, you have to do it with effortless, charming style, like this!" page.