Florencia & Wickininnish.

Along the walkway to Florencia Bay, through the "Temperate Rainforest Jungle"!

And down the 100+ steps, being carefully counted by Taryn, up ahead.

The beach was as crowded as usual, it's a good thing they put up pedestrian crosswalk warning signs...

The old tree stump. Always moving. A little bit every year...

Sentiments in the sand.

Ken, checking up on the vegetation!

Taryn, doing her "Happy Sand Ballet Leap" to mark the occasion!

But, all too soon, it was lunch time, and that meant Back To The Cabin!

Where even Jack helped out with the prep work!

After lunch, we went back to Wikininnish, to check up on the waves, one more time! ...they looked promising...

...uhhh... You gonna be ok? Fear not absentee parents, we always made sure that we mostly came back with the same number of kids that we started out with! ...mostly...

"Too small" "Too small" "Next: Too small, again...."

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