More waves!

Early morning, and the fog hasn't burned off yet...

The moon was still out. Oops, that's the sun, being shielded by the fog!

The beach was busy: Lots of comets crossing the sky!

And a whole lot of Olive snail shells along the high tide line. These always remind me of Doreen...

Here's a live one, out for a low-tide, early morning feeding frenzy! Usually, they don't break the surface of the sand.

This one has a compass issue. All it can do is tight swirls!

I don't want to know what critter did this! Ok, probably a worm...

I wandered around the corner of the beach to the longer side of Chesterman's, and it looks like bicycles are the new toy this year!

The fog had burned off here. That's the new Wickininnish on the rocks, among the trees. That little house on the point is sure secluded!

A closer look at Wickininnish. That little house in the previous picture would make a great place for someone famous to get a little privacy, and security!

But if someone famous was staying there, there should be tour boats going by, and pointing it out to their passengers.

Here's a close-up of the house on the point. If someone famous was staying there, they would probably have a bunch of professional photographers about,
and those photographers would probably use blinds to control lighting, and they would even be supervised by the numerous security people. It's all True. Just In True! page.