Tofino, Chesterman Beach.

The Pacific Ocean, at last! And, we had the place all to ourselves! Sorta... (we were waiting to get access to our accomodations)

The fog was still hanging around, but there were breaks...

...but mostly: fog.

And who should we meet on her bicycle: Jennifer!

And here we are, back at the house of 2 years ago!'s the view from the sauna! This is the eastern side of the penninsula, Chesterman's is on the western side.

Next up: get the kids into wetsuits, and add a few more boogie boards. ...with colour! These three didn't want to change out after the fitting, so they went straight to the waves, with uncle Nikon.

The waves were reasonable. And even with the fog, the picture possibilities were pretty good.

First wave of the year!

Finnegan, trying to not look too nonchalant...

And now the show begins!

And Palmer's got this licked!

Here comes Taryn, with a little more dramatic flair! page.