The lake, once more.

We went back to the Davenport's at Sproat Lake, and put the toys to good use once more!

Our gracious hosts, with their life-guard dog. The dog would swim back and forth between any people he knew well, and would be checking on them.

Meanwhile, in the other part of the lake, the battles were about to begin!

Both were armed, both were moving about. Since the others were still up north, it was pretty quiet today. They were going to be coming back that evening.

....juuuuust out of range!

Yuko decided to get right out of range! So across the lake she paddled.

Then Don decided to get out of range! So across the lake he swam!

On the way back across the lake, I realized that there was still something in my pocket... Whew! It still works!

Anything you can do, I can do better... Except that when a ski boat went by, she decided maybe she didn't want to any more...

It was a warm week, even Ken went for a swim...

Ocean was doing his dead seal impression.

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